La Bonette pass (9192 ft)

Highest asphalt road in Europe

The highest road in Europe (9182 ft), the Cime de la Bonette represents an indisputable link between the Mediterranean and the Alps, an opening route whether you come from the North, the Ubaye Valley or the South , Valley of the Tinée.

A veritable ribbon of tourist asphalt moving through grandiose landscapes, one cannot remain impassive in front of snow-capped peaks, hazy panoramas or plunging valleys.

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Country products house

50 artisans to offer you tasty specialties

Flavors and know-how from a whole valley which has kept its authenticity.

True riches of an entire valley concentrated in one place. The Maison des produits de pays are artisans, artists and farmers who have come together to show you their know-how with quality products.

Discovery and meeting around local products every Wednesday during school holidays.

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Jungle Children's park

The Jausiers Jungle Parc is specially adapted to children, it is located in the superb setting of the Siguret lake.

From spring onwards, little acrobats can take part in the 60 workshops specially designed for them, in complete safety with its continuous lifeline, on four levels of difficulty from green to black ...

Adventure trails and tree climbing are outdoor activities that allow you to discover the tree from branch to branch to its top. We climb the tree as in a childhood dream but in complete safety, we slide on the zip line ...

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White water sports

Lovers of strong emotions, 52 kilometers and more than 60 rapids are available to you! The last naturally flowing river, it is renowned for its rapids throughout Europe.

It is THE spot for whitewater sports and the basics invite you to discover this magnificent river!

A wide range of activities, to satisfy everyone, to meet all tastes, all desires, all levels, in perfect safety under the supervision of licensed guides.

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Jungle Wake Parc

In Jausiers, at the Siguret plan, 200m from the campsite, in an idyllic setting, come and slide on Lake Jausiers thanks to the highest wakeboard ski lift in Europe.

From beginner to expert, with the help of our advice and personalized support, discover the multiple possibilities of sliding on water, pulled by a rudder rope.

Varied and scalable freestyle modules, departure at variable height on a magnificent wooden pontoon, comfortable and furnished.

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1000 km of marked and maintained trails, a hundred peaks are available to you.

From easy hiking with the family to roaming GR, Jausiers and its surroundings are suitable for all tastes.

Popular with hikers, Jausiers offers several hundred kilometers of trails. Small valleys in the colors of larch, summits of mineral beauty, high-altitude lakes with turquoise reflections, everything here invites contemplation.

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Bicycle tourism

7 legendary passes and hundreds of km of routes

From the campsite, you have the opportunity to explore seven passes, all different, with varied landscapes, once unrolled to connect valleys and today naturally shaped for cyclists. Cross gorges, accompany the torrents, cross the mountain pastures, step over bridges, join the sun, fill yourself with the fresh air ... Admire living postcards.

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Motorcycle ride

Grandiose panoramas

In Ubaye, as in the whole Alpine massif, the asphalt ignores the straight line, narrow and sinuous, kneaded by the mountain.

It is all the happiness that bikers love to find on our roads, from Easter to All Saints' Day.

Georges Clooney is not the only one to play leaps and bounds.

Many of them are looking for new horizons on two wheels, beyond our passes.

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Jausiers lake

Sport and relaxation in an exceptional setting

The Siguret à Jausiers lake is located near the heart of the village and invites adults to relax and children to swim and play.

It is embellished with many fun areas: adventure course of the tree climbing type specially designed for children, giant zip line that reaches directly into the water, water ski lift, tennis and beach volleyball courts, climbing wall, restaurant, solarium, beaches ...

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Jausiers village

At the gates of the Upper Ubaye valley and the Mercantour National Park, the village is superb, its architecture and its famous Mexican villas such as the Magnans castle (which recalls the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany from which Walt Disney was inspired for "Sleeping Beauty") will amaze you.

Dominated by its bell tower, life is colorful and peaceful and you can explore the center through the pedestrian streets. The surrounding landscapes are beautiful.

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